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Weissknight works for CEOs, shareholders and investors to ultimately maximise the valuation of their business over the long-term, when they will exit.

The mission of Weissknight is to offer its clients a 360 degrees set of value-added services to achieve this goal. 

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Cross-border corporate-finance services for European & American SMEs:

All our services are using a unique cross-border process and an underlying Big-Data analytics' technology, to successfully manage international M&A transactions, raise debt and capital (from venture capital, private equity, family offices and hedge funds), and pursue business optimisation strategies (company valuation, corporate development and headhunting services) in order to maximise exit valuation, and achieve the goal of shareholder value-creation.

Our niche positioning around the world represents a real alternative to the traditional institutions for any cross-border transactions worth between € 2.5m. to € 250m.


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