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Our Valuation Services

The professionals at Weissknight have not only been trained extensively in the art of business valuation but have in-depth experience in different valuation techniques and strategies.

We provide valuation services in the main following situations:

  • Strategy planning

  • Financial projections – Business plan

  • Company valuation report

  • Fairness opinion

  • Value enhancement consulting

  • Preparation regarding the maximisation of the value of a company prior to a fund raising, a succession, an exit or a divestment, a LBO/MBO/OBO, a restructuring, an IPO, a build-up operation...

  • Valuation and consultation to resolve disputes


Contact us today and learn how our valuation advices can serve your company.

Working with Financial Documents

Why do i need an independent valuation report / analysis:


Why valuation matters

Proprietary tools & methodologies

Valuation services

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