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Why valuation and value matter


Why are we doing this

With our valuation services, we are helping business owners, business buyers, entrepreneurs, senior executives, investment committees, and investors to make knowledgeable business decisions.

Weissknight quantifies the value of your business opportunity, we interpret your vision, communicate efficiently this information to key shareholders, improve business performances, and tighten the degree of confidence around the best decision possible.


UNDERStanding & Maximising

Any company valuation is primarily a function of its core business fundamentals.

  • Current market conditions can distort a business valuation, and therefore distort perceived business value.

  • But market forces have a way of catching up with reality.

  • That's why our work brings another view of the value of your company which should always depend on the fundamentals of your business, rather than on specific market conditions.

Quantification of shareholder value is often a key element in company governance and decision-making processes. Your board of directors requires probably a fairness opinion, or at least an independent valuation report… before validating your strategy.


Our added value

Selecting the right business valuation advisor is very important.

  • Whether raising funds, buying, selling, borrowing, or planning a new project, it is critical to make knowledgeable business decisions.


Weissknight will meet all your business valuation needs:

  • As a Company Valuation advisor, we take pride in our ability to develop the proper analytical model, structure, and methodology for your company valuation.

  • For example, this includes: cost of capital analysis, terminal value methodology, strategy quantification, forecast analysis… But, we offer more than just numbers or reports .

  • Our clients consider Weissknight for real-time negotiation support, for transaction-related services, and for the valuation of their strategic alternatives.

  • Regardless of size, the dynamics involved in each company valuation are often complex, with strategic, technological, and market-based issues affecting business value and cash-flows.

  • We are a leading boutique specialised in the application of business valuation techniques.

When you think: “Valuation now matters” - contact us.

Why valuation matters

Proprietary tools & methodologies

Valuation services

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