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Weissknight has an exceptional relationship and execution capabilities

delivering cross-border services - delivering the world

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Weissknight M&A International Network

Weissknight M&A International Network - the cross-border M&A buy-side network:
Since 2009, Weissknight has developped an international network of M&A firms around the world, specifically designed for retained M&A buy-side mandates.
  • For sell-side mandates we believe "international networks" do not work anymore given our direct network and AI which allows us to now generate any CEO email and therefore reach potentially any potential buyer:
    • With databases, internet, and experience (a bit of technology - AI).
    • We do not believe that so called "international networks" do work if they are for sell-side or funding purposes - we have been part of a number of them and we have seen failure.
      • As an example - the local banker/advisor in charge of the client will always search alone around the world (to keep 100% of his fee) before sharing with his "network". The client thinks there are pleinty of people searching worldwide, but it does happen only after a lack of success and it takes 12 or 15 months - that is not our vision and our philosophy to serve best our clients.
      • Other example, in the US we have a number of partners - they do not want to compete at the marketing stage  with the other american partners who may well have also an office near their office (that is US), but they need the European and Asian partners for M&A buy-side - not for sell-side! 
  • However for M&A buy-side mandates the M&A game is different: 
    • Our clients who are usually large companies (listed or PE owned), they do have usually internal M&A teams. They only mandate an external M&A advisor, because of their local search capabilities which will add more value than their current team, usually more focus on executing internal deals. This is what business leaders do need and ask for.
    • At Weissknight, we have a "systematic search program" working in any developped country (and I am sure you have heard about it already - even if you did not try it yet) - but that is the search phase - not the intermediation phase (process management).
    • Therefore the help of local bankers/experts is what clients are looking for, and that is why we have designed and developed this network.
    • And that is why our "Weissknight M&A International Network" is a must have for companies looking to grow abroad!
This alliance is only for cross-border buy-side retained M&A mandates.
  • Because this alliance is only for international buy-side services, and each member of our network do provide sell-side locally and internationally, we have decided that no firm names (or logo) will appear on the Internet (we are partners here - not competitors).
  • But they do appear in our pitchbook after signature of an NDA in regards to your specific need and requests.
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