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LEADERSHIP - Key Seniors

Louis-Armand Weisheimer

CEO & Managing Partner

Louis-Armand founded Weissknight Corporate Finance in 2009.
He graduated from the University of Paris Dauphine, and holds a master of Corporate-Finance from EM-Lyon (Major of the MBA).

Louis-Armand has published several papers on the topic "Real-Options' Valuation", the last one been a Thesis on the subject: "Optimal capital structure and valuation of the financial flexibility using the Real-Options Approach."

Louis-Armand started his investment banking career with the independent investment bank Lazard in Frankfurt. Then he joined Alios Finance in Paris at its creation, where he was the only financial analyst, and where he contributed to the development of the M&A activity. Then he joined Nomura International in London to focus on cross border corporate finance transactions, where he was in charge of valuation advisory and the execution of several transactions.

Louis-Armand has been an investment banker for more than fifteen years, in particular on M&A operations, private placements, LBO and valuation advisory both in France, in Germany and in the UK.
Louis-Armand contributed to more than 50 transactions with a total value exceeding € 3,100m.

Marcus 2024.jpg
Marcus Klein


With over 30 years of investment and operating experiences, Marcus is a banker and manager - a specialist in the complex fields of financial advisory for for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Marcus is managing is own private company, founded in 1999.


He started his investment career in 1993 in a Kreissparkasse in Germany. After a short experience there, he was quickly responsible for advising institutional German banks for the optimisation of complex financial assets related to wealth management. He then decided to expand its client portfolio and launched in 1999 its own company to serve better its German speaking institutional clients. Marcus graduated from the University of Stuttgart, and holds a master of finance and management.


Marcus has also founded two national charitable organizations in Stuttgart and supports people who are not doing so well and who are lacking things in life.


He is on the road between Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Dubai.

He joined Weissknight in 2011.


Severin Renold

Severin started his career in the financial sector, and he is currently advising European entrepreneurs and SMEs in their digital corporate development journey.


During and after his work in a Tier-1 bank, he gained experiences in real estate, wealth and digital business management before moving to the startup cosmos. With a fascination for innovation, emerging technologies and disruptive business models, he was responsible for a variety of mandates, including management and business development, key accounting, M&A, , fund raising and investor relations.


Severin founded several companies based in Switzerland. Mainly with the focus on the promotion of startups and innovations, helping to realize their visions, as well as on digitisation, especially in the area of SMEs.


In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Severin is the founder and CEO of a Swiss mid-market consulting company DIGIALOG AG.


He joined Weissknight in 2019, and he is working from Switzerland.

Severin speaks German and English.

Arif 2020.png
Arif Minhas
Partner - Healthcare

Arif leads Weissknight healthcare and life sciences business, covering hospitals, clinics, medical device & technologies, biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, medical aesthetics systems, and imaging technologies.

His experience spans nearly 20 years in new business development and strategic partnerships with a strong trans-Atlantic & pan-European focus, including Fortune 100 med-techs and biopharma companies, healthcare providers, university hospitals & clinics, and life sciences clusters in UK, USA and Europe.

Arif also leads an independent platform, Oxford Medical Partnerships, which combines expertise of clinicians, research scientists, AI experts, and medtech & biopharma leaders for delivering strategic advisory for both SMEs and large multinationals in the UK, USA and Europe.

He joined Weissknight in 2020.

Arif is also a public speaker and medical broadcaster, his academic background includes a masters degree from Manchester University and postgraduate studies at University of London.

Nadia Czaplinski Gamess


With more than 30 years of experience in corporate development, management and financing of companies internationally, Nadia worked first in quality of employee in a multinational company for 25 years, then as entrepreneur for 13 years based in France and in India.


Her network of officials in African and Asian countries allows her to help companies to export, and also to find the necessary resources for these countries to grow.

Her ability to speak 7 languages, facilitates her integration in all professional and political circles around the world.


In addition to her position as partner at Weissnight, Nadia assists companies in their international expansion, and she is a consultant in international trade.

She joined Weissknight in 2016, and she will be responsible for our Asian and African coverages, on top of her French one.

  • September 2016, Nadia was winner of Gold International Award for the territory of the Great West.

  • December 2016 Nadia was winner of the National Women's Silver Award.


Roland Meisel

Roland has worked for more than 12 years in contract manufacturing covering biologic manufacturing as well as biosimilar product development, quality assessment, regulatory strategy and manufacturing, aseptic filling and lyophilization, generic Drug Product manufacturing and pharmaceutical analytic services for Big Pharma.

He has experiences in strategic concept development and planning, building worldwide sales networks, alliancing and alliance management, technology evaluation, in-and out-licensing, process development and GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and QA management.


In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Roland was one founder of The Biosimilars Group in 2014 and is owner of a Healthcare consulting firm located in Germany.

He joined Weissknight in 2016, and will be the Healthcare specialist when it comes to corporate finance related activities.


Roland holds a Master of Science and Ph.D. in carbohydrate chemistry, and he is bilingual English and German.



Nicolas Barthe


Nicolas has a degree in management, marketing and communication (France). He is involved in the local and regional economic environment, and he is also animator of a weekly economic chronic for a French Radio.

With over 10 years of operating experience, Nicolas is an entrepreneur and a specialist in the fields of company management and group restructuring. Nicolas enjoys working for companies with less than 150 employees .

In addition to his position at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Nicolas is working as a senior consultant for a management consulting firm. This activity was developed in conjunction with his role at Weissknight, his objective being to prepare the clients for their corporate finance goals, and maximise their interest out of this important process.
He joined Weissknight in 2013.

Galvin Mould

Venture Partner

Galvin is Non-Executive Director of many companies in the UK, with over 35 years’ experience in international sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing and general management in global medtech companies.

He specialises in IP and innovative technology commercialisation mainly working with venture capital backed entrepreneurs / medical device companies to accelerate new product marketing and international growth.


In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Galvin is the founder and CEO of a UK mid-market company, founded in 2006. He offers interim-management and non-executive director services to medical device companies and their private equity investors.

He joined Weissknight in 2015.


Galvin graduated from the University of London (Bsc. Chemistry) and from the London School of Business Studies (HNC). He is currently a member of the British Institute of Surgical Technologists, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.



Horst - 2018.jpg
Dr. Horst Mertens (M.D., M.B.A.)

Venture Partner

Horst has worked for more than 30 years in healthcare sectors in Germany and worldwide.


Assignable project and leadership experience in Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotechnology and Medical Technology) as well as related business transactions. He combines scientific know-how with competence in results-oriented management, project design and implementation. He designs and does lead interactively and committed, with confident peace and a lot of experience in dealing with the management and the employees of clients. He has a high level of acceptance and trust: in the sense of implementing the strategy and relevant key actions of companies..


In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Horst is managing a consulting firm located in Germany which is highly specialized on Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotechnology and Medical Technology). He worked also as CEO, Board Member and Executive Director for German SMEs and Startups in the healthcare sector.


He joined Weissknight in 2018.

Horst is fluent in German and English.

Thomas Reichl

Venture Partner

Thomas has worked for more than 20 years in the automotive and industrial sectors in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, China and in the USA.


He has experiences in managing private SMEs in Europe, corporate development, building worldwide sales networks, technology evaluation, as well as M&A both buy-side and sell-side. Thomas is also an entrepreneur with a huge international experience, always managing cross-border relationships with suppliers, clients and employees.

In addition to his position as Venture Partner at Weissknight Corporate Finance, Thomas is managing a consulting firm located in London and providing interim-management services to European shareholders of automotive and/or industrial SMEs.


He joined Weissknight in 2018.

Thomas is fluent in German, English and Italian.

what we are looking for and where


Weissknight is always looking to consolidate its leadership around the globe, and is always looking for new Partners & Venture Partners, as well as Directors and Associates. Please note that we do not need intern, as we use technologies to do what in the past was done by interns and analysts.

More specifically, we are currently willing:

  • to expand our direct presence in the UK (particularly Scotland and North of Ireland), Norway, Spain, and Dubai.

  • to reinforce our local coverage for either originating opportunities (referral partners), or for executing local transactions (direct associated partners), both in Western Europe as well as in the USA.

If you know how to source and close deals, if you believe you can earn more by being an associated partner, and if you are interested in joining a fast growing corporate finance boutique, with a unique focus and leadership in Europe, then please contact us:, and let’s discuss how we could create a win-win partnership.


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