During the summer of 2018, we decided to launch a niche intermediation service for High Net Worth Individuals (and their family offices) willing to invest (or let's say diversify) into new funds (regulated private equity or VC funds) in the US and shortly after in Europe:

Examples of funds recently closed,

in which you may have had explored a participation

Family offices do provide a variety of sophisticated services to their high-net-worth individual (HNWI) clients. At Weissknight, we offer a complementary and niche intermediation service, which we have developed for ourselves (the Weissknight partners) originally and a number of our wealthy clients have asked us if we could help them be in contact with people raising new regulated VC or PE funds:


In fact, due to our international advisory work (the need to be in contact with nearly all the funds around the world), we have developed relationships (or contacts) with a huge number of venture capital and private equity funds, in the US and in Europe (more than 15,000 identified in total – 6,750 of which we already have a direct link, and we are working on the rest of the list). As you know, these funds are always looking for new sources of funding, as every 7/8 years, they need to raise and launch a new fund.

=> For family offices, and high-net-worth people, being able to access this class of asset and opportunities, represent a huge diversification in their investment portfolio, usually generating high returns of 10% to 50% per year.

  • We are in contact with these funds and the people in charge of raising new regulated investment funds, and therefore we can offer to family offices this intermediation service, so that our relationships can benefit from them and invest into these funds.



Service offered:

  • Understanding investment criterias of the family office / HNWI.

  • Mapping of the potential funds matching these criterias, and providing associated information.

  • Management process, from the initial interest to the investment into the new fund(s) selected (if appropriate).

2018 funds closed:



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