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Financing conditions change within the financial markets on an ongoing basis - providers of capital as well.

Weissknight offers a high level access to many of the London, European and US leading sources of capital.

  • We are connected with these capital providers - and we do the matchmaking!

  • We have the knowledge, the experience and the relationships necessary to access private capital for venture, expansion, recapitalisation, shareholder liquidity events, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions and debt refinancing.

  • These relationships include venture capital and private equity funds, some institutional and strategic investors based in London, in Europe and in the USA.


We can handle every facet of your next private placement process to gain maximum flexibility, increase the speed of this process, as well as your chances of success.

Private Equity funds and VCs are currently sitting on more than € 700 billion of "equity capital", committed investments that have to be invested soon. PEs and VCs need to invest whether the economy is certain or uncertain. The deal-flow in the middle market investment banking arena is currently robust. Capital is available and some say abundant, but the providers are picky and discriminating. By focusing on "middle-market" companies with strong financials, management teams and growth strategies, PEs and VCs find the flexibility they need in terms of deal size and structure.

If you are considering a cross-border private placement process, now may be just the perfect time to explore if your company is ready to move things forward on a larger scale. If you’re a company CEO, an international Corporate Finance Advisor like Weissknight Corporate Finance will help you avoid surprises, organise the private auction necessary for a successful move, and be better prepared to answer their demands.

For more information on our private placement services, please contact us.


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