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An acquisition is more than just a transaction: it’s a turning point.
When properly structured and executed, the deal can lead to a period of accelerated growth. However, when it is over-priced, the results can be disastrous.
Weissknight believes that it is sometimes more important to stop a deal than it is to complete one.

Our main services include:

  1. Valuation Services: To allow your firm to take the right decision, you need an appropriate valuation analysis, because “Value always matters…”

  2. M&A Services: We also offer traditional buy-side advisory services, from the target screening to the final negotiations and the closing of the deal.

Weissknight will help you to understand the market, identify potential strategies, screen the potential targets, and advice you through the complex acquisition process.
French, German, UK and US companies, as well as more recently some private-equity investors and strategic buyers have come for a long time to Weissknight to search and find attractive midsized companies, based in Western Europe.

For more information on our M&A services, please contact us.

Weissknight M&A International Network

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