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Outsourced Sales:

Get more international clients



Business development:

  • Our service focus on rapidly generating business opportunities and real meeting with potential customers.

  • We do this by finding the right people, the right issues, and the right answers to deliver commercial results fast and with less risk.

  • For every problem there are people working on the solution, but separately. Different countries, different industries and simply unaware of each other. We find the people who are solving the most important and most complex commercial problems. We talk to hundreds of people a month. We listen to what people say, and often what they don’t say, to select critical issues from the noise. That means selecting the people and issues that make the difference. In a connected world information is cheap, but insight is more valuable than ever.

  • At the heart of everything we do is our ability to find the right people. Those who inspire the most commercially valuable outcomes. Our goal is to create a genuine connection, so that your company gets new clients on-board.


We have a very large direct network, we also use external databases, add on that our proprietary technology DarkKnight, and thanks to our cross-border process, we should already be your preferred outsourced sales channel when it comes to searching for new international clients on-board.


Not a client yet, but you are looking for more international customers, contact-us and let's work together!

Outdoors Meeting

Organic Growth:

launch your subsidiary abroad

M&A Growth:

Systematic search and Buy abroad

Outsourced Sales: 

Get more International Clients

WEISSKNIGHT International reach

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