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M&A Growth:

Systematic Search and Buy abroad



Using our buy-side search service would allow you to:

  • The key to being proactive is using Weissknight to identify and reach potential sellers for one-on-one discussions, rather than being reactive and waiting for competitive auctions to identify an individual seller.

  • Increase your proprietary deal-flow of off-market non-auction acquisition opportunities;

  • Enhance your position to focus on critical aspects of transactions, while outsourcing the time consuming functions;

  • Benefit from a complementary service to your current in-house strategy/M&A teams;

  • Lower purchase price multiples due to proprietary, non auction focus & relationships potential targets;

  • Access to equity and debt financing via Weissknight investors' network (one of the largest in Europe - check linkedin as a neutral and external proof).


Many large corporations, such as most of the listed companies, have substantial in-house M&A teams, but still are our clients. Why?

  • Because we offer a complementary service for in-house M&A and business development teams:

    • Empower the client to focus on critical aspects of transactions while outsourcing the tedious and time, consuming functions;

    • Existing relationships with targets allow us to get them to the table quickly;

    • Solicit more targets simultaneously by working with our team for greater efficiency;

    • Initial client contact and due diligence Bespoke research.

  • Ultimately we create more high value work for internal teams by providing them with multiple, qualified, high quality targets to focus on.


By retaining Weissknight, a buyer gets access to and works with an experienced team, powerful search capabilities (see our international reach page) and the judgment and flair of our professionals who have decades of experience in screening and contacting prospects.


To get more information about our specific process and service, please contact-us directly.

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Organic Growth:

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M&A Growth:

Systematic search and Buy abroad

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