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Our Executive Search Service


We provide a top-tier, retained executive search service to our clients within our specific areas of expertise, using the niche cross-border positioning and our proprietary technology.


Retained Executive Search is the proactive and focused approach to better serve your needs. And we use this approach and our unique technology across the entire European market, as the best candidate could currently be working abroad, but may be interested to join your group...


We put in the time and resources to carry out a complete survey of the whole market according to the criteria you specify. Retained search guarantees an exhaustive examination of all the available talents, a clear representation of the role to potential candidates and a consistent, accurate message about your company and your reasons for hiring. 


When you need certainty, Weissknight’s Executive Search service offers you the definitive shortlist from which you can choose with confidence. Essential for senior appointments, the retained search approach is often the method of choice for top companies, banks and funds.



To learn more about the unique service we provide, please contact us.

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