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Weissknight Executive Search serves clients in Western-Europe and is conducting cross-border search assignments for C-Level and Board positions, Investment Bankers, PEs and VCs directors & partners, as well as more specifically forex. Traders.


The assignments we conduct are for positions where annual cash compensation is from at least  £125,000 to £ 2,000,000 (equivalent in Euros 150k to 2.5m.).



With our current network of more than 25,000 CEOs across Western Europe, and more than 15,000 senior investors, we stand ready to serve our clients in virtually every sector or market, with consistent world class levels of services and results.


On top of our direct network, the technology we acquired and developed internally does allow us to significantly change the Headhunting industry for Executive Search, as we use Big-Data technology to make sure we have identified all and the best candidates across Europe and the US to suit your specific need.

This technology does :

  • significantly improve the results;

  • optimise and reduce timing of the mission;

  • and reduce costs of our Headhunting work as we use automated technology to screen the market of potential candidates!


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