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Listed Groups – Private Equity owned Companies

Company valuation analysis:

  • Strategic options review: Independent valuation report to understand if the strategy requires a U-turn / change in order to improve the valuation of the business.

    • and confirming that the new strategy is needed for the shareholders and all the stakeholders…

  • Buy-side situation: Independent valuation report / fairness opinion for management team before making an acquisition

    • and confirming that the price offered is right and sustainable for all your stakeholders.

  • Sell-side situation: Independent valuation report / fairness opinion for shareholders before accepting an offer from a prospective buyer/investor

    • and confirming that you should accept it because the difference between price offered and valuation is not that big.



M&A systematic search and buy process:

We often work as an external resource of your in-house M&A team and provide them with insightful data, ideas and analysis. Most of the time, they do not have the resources / technology and databases, to identify all the potential targets matching your ideal criterias.

  • Mapping a new territory / geography zone – consulting service to provide a comprehensive report mapping all the existing companies matching your specific criteria.

  • Process management – if you are happy to engage us, we will be delighted to manage the process with selected targets from the mapping book...

    • obligation – we are happy to do simply the mapping and respect the expertise/work of your in-house M&A team.


M&A international sell-side auction process:

Specific international auction process to sell one of your international subsidiaries, process which may be too small for your traditional and large investment bank - @ Weissknight, we manage small to mid-market auction process!

  • Information memorandum and financial engineering work to maximise exit valuation.

  • Mapping of the relevant potential buyers (strategic, financial…)

  • M&A process management (from A to Z).

Why valuation matters

M&A Growth:

Systematic search and Buy abroad

Sell-side auction - cross-border

Maximising net-net proceed

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