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WEISSKNIGHT: an independent European advisory boutique based in London

Weissknight works with and for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs to grow the value of their company and maximise that value when they exit. The mission of Weissknight is to offer its clients a 360 degres set of value-added services to achieve this goal.


All our services are using a unique cross-border process and an underlying Big-Data analytics' technology, to successfully manage international M&A transactions, raise debt and capital (from venture capital, private equity, family offices and hedge funds), and pursue business optimisation strategies in order to maximise exit valuation, as well as to recruit the best senior talents to achieve the goal of shareholder value-creation.

Weissknight Company Valuation:

  • Company Valuation and Fairness-Opinions are essential to business owners and CEOs to assess better their strategic options.

  • Weissknight is using the most sophisticated valuation techniques and models, including if and when appropriate the real-options one (approach which is exclusive to Weissknight in Western-Europe for valuation analysis).

Weissknight Corporate Finance:

  • We are dedicated to bring together European companies and financial investors to maximise private placement process (both VCs and PE), based in London, in France, in Germany, all of the western European countries and in the USA.

  • Our financial engineering focus allows us to organise complex transactions, like LBO / MBO / OBO transactions.

  • On the M&A side, we advise our clients on cross-border problematic. For example a UK company willing to identify and make an acquisition or to realise a build-up strategy in France or in Germany (M&A - buy-side); or vice-versa European shareholders willing to sell their company for maximum value, using our cross-border service from London (M&A - sell-side). 

Our unique positioning in Europe represents a real alternative to the traditional institutions for any cross-border transactions worth between € 2.5m. to € 250m.

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