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The TMT industry has experienced huge growth that has been driven by new and emerging technologies.
The global R&D spending is expected to top € 3.5 trillion in 2020. In terms of financing, more than € 95 billion have been invested by VCs investors, among which € 45 billion have been invested in Europe last year.

The magnitude and accelerated rates of change have provided an abundance of opportunities for many companies.
However, due to the current volatility and risks, companies must be alert to short-term conditions and challenges that could severely impact their businesses. Access to capital, faster time-to-market, and finding the right financial investor is more critical than ever.

At Weissknight, we cover most sectors in this area:

  • Communications equipment

  • Storage & Computing systems

  • Electronics & Applied technologies

  • Software & Hardware

  • Media

  • Telecommunications equipments & Services

  • Internet & Ecommerce

  • Technology services



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