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Private Equity & Venture Capital

Weissknight is focused on a niche within the investment banking industry: valuation services, as well as a unique deal flow from France, Germany, the UK and the European region.

Our Private Equity practice is dedicated to providing consistent deal flow, proprietary ideas and information, value added products, and valuation knowledge to our clients.

Weissknight combines leading financial advisory capabilities, with deep industry knowledge to offer valuable and innovative advices, and with the highest standards currently available on the market.

  • We offer comprehensive and highly regarded valuation services to support all your transaction needs.

  • In addition, we also offer a full suite of corporate finance services to meet the domestic and international needs of the London based financial investors, including advice on private placements, buy-side, sell-side and corporate restructuring.


Since 2013, we now advise management team for raising their second or third fund.


If you would like to learn more how Weissknight may help your fund or team, please contact us.

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