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Healthcare - Biotechnology

The Healthcare industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, absorbing over 11% of GDP of most developed nations.
The global prescription drug market was worth over € 1,250 billion in 2022, and the total healthcare expenditures across the world were about € 5.5 trillion last year.
The future perspective of this industry seems to be immensely bright and encouraging in terms of the expected surge in global demand and investments. Several trends such as globalisation, continuous investment in R&D, fund raising and M&A, are the key drivers of this industry.

Typically, our clients have built value by first establishing strong positions in their market. They are looking for a way to maximise shareholders’ value for the long-term, whether through an acquisition, a private placement or a sale of the company.

Our understanding of the value creation process at each stage of the lifecycle of a company, combined with our transactional knowledge, allows us to provide advices on strategy, valuation and transaction structure in the following sectors:

  • Biotechnology

  • Diagnostics

  • Healthcare technology & services

  • Pharmaceutical services

  • Life science technology

  • Medical devices

  • Specialty pharmaceuticals


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