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FX solutions

for cross-border activities worldwide 

Weissknight has partnered with a leading New York based alternative investment bank to provide corporations and investors with alternative FX solutions.


Very few alternative financing or investment banking firms have the ability to offer any of their clients basic payment and hedging solutions. @ Weissknight, we now do and our partner is regulated in the US (FINRA)!

We have partnered with the largest global banking and payment providers around the world to help facilitate and optimise our clients' banking and FX needs. Executing over $250BN in FX transactions annually means our clients are now able to execute FX payments and hedge their exposures at a fraction of the usual costs associated with these transactions.

The cross-border nature of our clients often means there is an inherent FX risk that is either passed to the seller or buyer. We now have the in-house expertise to help you understand these risks and protect you against them. What’s more with the correct KYC, the account can be opened within one business day. (not weeks or months). 


Cross-border solutions & Maximising Returns

Offshore Banking solutions:

We have over 10 years worth of experience managing foreign subscriptions and redemptions. Working with carefully selected banking partners we are able to open up multi-currency accounts in jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands, Jersey and Luxembourg in as little as 24 hours.

Our accounts allow our clients to deploy capital in over 100 currencies and are often used as an escrow solution for Private Equity, Real Estate and EB-5 transactions.

Why are we different:

  • Efficient application process – a US fund can set up an account directly with the investment vehicle in jurisdictions such as Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands in 1-2 days, not months.

  • Sharper Execution – tighter spreads on SPOT, Forwards and Options.

Foreign Share Classes' solutions:

As more funds seek foreign capital it is commonplace for investors to demand managers offer foreign share classes.

Our FX partners offer our clients alternative credit facilities away from their custodial bank, ensuring the most favorable margin call agreement, without affecting any existing banking relationships.

Our foreign share classes can be set up for any type of fund structure, in almost any jurisdiction and in over 40 currencies. The share classes can be set up in as little as 24 hours and can facilitate both passive and dynamic hedging strategies.

FX Advisory solutions:

Over 25 years worth of experience working for corporate clients and investment firms, offering them a full array of advisory and consultancy services on cross border structuring and currency administration.

  • Expertise – create and implement bespoke strategies to protect portfolios against FX risk and release hidden inherent value.

  • Allies – we are not a bank, and we can be seen as a compliment to your existing bank’s services for your cross-border needs.

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