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Automotive - Transport & Logistics

Automotive companies are under pressure from the USA to Europe, as well as in Asia.

  • This year may well turn out to be tough, but it is not all bad so far.

  • There is restructuration going on at corporate and industry levels.

  • And we may also see earlier results from these changes translated into higher profits than forecasted.

Consolidation, restructuring and new technologies will create significant business changes throughout the automotive value chain.

Sectors covered include:

  • Cars, trucks and other vehicles

  • Tires

  • Automotive parts and components

  • Aftermarket products



Transportation & Logistics is a wide sector, which includes all types of transportation of goods and people.
Due to advancing globalisation, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce, the transport & logistics industry continues to enjoy a growth above average. International growth through M&A, JVs or alliances is also crucial.

Main sectors covered include:

  • Airlines

  • Air delivery and freight services

  • Airports and railroads

  • Shipping and trucking


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